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Parrott-Wood Memorial Library Receives Top Grant

Celebration of library grant.

Parrott-Wood Memorial Library Receives Top Grant

Parrott-Wood Memorial Library Receives Top Grant

Secretary of State of Tennessee, Tre Hargett, and his wife Dawn, made a special visit to Parrott-Wood Memorial Library to honor the Library with a $7,133.00 Training Opportunities for the Public (TOP) Grant.

Grant Funded By the Tennessee State Library and Archives

This generous grant is made possible by the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Also present for the celebration were Tennessee Senator Frank Niceley, State Representative Andrew Farmer, Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts, among others. The Friends of the Parrott-Wood Memorial Library also partook in the event, providing light refreshments for all attendees.

Increased Internet Speed Comes To The Library

The grant will prove an enormous benefit to Parrott-Wood Memorial Library, as it will allow the library to multiply its internet speed to 2G using updated equipment. The faster internet speed is a crucial necessity in today’s digital age, enabling library patrons to access the wealth of information available at their fingertips. In addition, the improved internet speed would aid in conducting library operations smoothly and efficiently.

Free Basic Computer Training To The Community

A part of the grant fund will be put to use to provide the local community with free basic computer training. This initiative is designed to encourage digital literacy and help community members develop necessary skills to navigate an increasingly digital world – whether it’s for work, study, or personal project.

Library Director Expresses Gratitude for The Grant

Parrott-Wood Director Donna Phillips expressed her elation and gratitude for the received grant, calling it a ‘blessing.’ She further shared that the library has sought this grant for years.


As the world continues to digitalize, the value of digital literacy can’t be overstressed. The grant received by Parrott-Wood Memorial Library provides not just improved library services, but valuable resources for the local community to learn and evolve in a digital age. By offering free computer training classes, the library hopes to bridge the digital divide, ensuring all community members have basic computer knowledge, an essential skill in today’s world.

Parrott-Wood Memorial Library Receives Top Grant

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