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Welcome to Knoxville, Tennessee

Welcome to Knoxville, Tennessee



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HERE you will find information on restaurants, shops, professionals, and real estate found in KNOXVILLE in Knox County. This website contains interactive and the most COMPLETE AND COMPLETELY FREE business directories in Knoxville. If you own or run a business in KNOXVILLE, you can take advantage of our COMPLETELY FREE REGISTRATION to include it HERE on our website. Our site will also keep you up to date on new and closed businesses in KNOXVILLE.

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The Grove at Harrison Glen

The Grove at Harrison Glen in Lenoir City is a perfect location for busy commuters or frequent travelers, with easy access to the interstate. This small Loudon County town, often known as the "Lake Capital of the South," is full of stunning views and opportunity to explore the outdoors with dispersed walking trails and docks.

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Looking for real estate, a new home or a great neighborhood in Knoxville?

We’ve got that too! HERE you will find all the real estate in Knoxville, Tennessee. Use our interactive MLS (multiple listing service) searches to find real estate listings of beautiful homes for sale in Knoxville.

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Our HERE directory is an excellent place to start if you’re looking for great REALTORS or home builders in the Knoxville market. So take a look around, do some exploring to discover the appropriate house for sale, or learn more about the KNOXVILLE area, because all you need is right HERE.

What’s happening with local government or law enforcement?

Finally, want to know about Local Government, Law Enforcement, or Public Safety agencies?  All your local government agencies for the Knoxville area are HERE too. Internet Links and feeds are available from the government, Twitter, the city of KNOXVILLE, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and practically every other municipal and county in Knox County. 



Originally established in 1972, Eskola has been installing commercial and industrial roofing systems throughout the North and Southeastern United States and have completed hundreds of new and re-roof installations.



Zoo Knoxville

Zoo Knoxville collaborates on a Species Survival Plan with other zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) for all animals living in AZA-accredited zoos in North America.


So, feel free to browse around, do some searches to get the information on that perfect neighborhood, or see any new local businesses, visit and explore local sites in

Knoxville, Tennessee

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Reenactment of assassination attempt.

Rep. Burchett Calls for Full Probe Into Attempted Assassination of Former President Trump

July 16, 2024

Rep. Burchett Demands Full Investigation Into Attempted Assassination of Former President Trump Responding to the recent attempted assassination on Former President Donald Trump, a vigorous demand for a thorough investigation...

Refreshing waterfall swims.

Escape the Heat: Cooling Options Abound in East Tennessee

July 15, 2024

Escape the Heat: Cooling Options Abound in East Tennessee Keeping Cool in East Tennessee Heat waves can occur at any time in Tennessee, particularly during the summer season. The warm...

Urban zoning transition illustration

Housing and Other Uses May be Added to Business-Zoned Areas in Knoxville

July 15, 2024

Housing and Other Uses May be Added to Business-Zoned Areas in Knoxville The General Business (CA) and Business and Manufacturing (CB) zones in Knox County may be amended after a...

White collar crime concept

Knoxville Food Hall Scandal: Owners Accused of Embezzling $190K

July 15, 2024

Knoxville Food Hall Owner Accuses SmashCity Owners of Embezzlement Marble City Market Owner Says SmashCity Owners Stole $190K Paul and Ashley Moody, the owners of Knoxville-based burger company SmashCity, are...

Local hero cancer fundraiser

Halls Community Supports Local Hero in Fight against Cancer

July 15, 2024

Halls Community Supports Local Hero in Fight against Cancer Massive Turnout at Benefit Fundraiser In a heartwarming display of unity, Halls, a tight-knit community in East Tennessee, rallied together behind...

Downtown closures and musician.

Two Downtown Businesses Close, Local Music Icon Placed on Leave by UT

July 15, 2024

Two Downtown Businesses Close, Local Music Icon Placed on Leave by UT Recent weeks have seen the closure of two downtown businesses, a mournful reality that plagues many businesses despite...

Cosplay group poses together.

The 2024 Fanboy Expo Returns to Knoxville Convention Center

July 14, 2024

“`HTML The 2024 Fanboy Expo Returns to Knoxville Convention Center The 2024 Fanboy Expo Returns to Knoxville Convention Center Knoxville, TN: The much-anticipated 2024 Fanboy Expo returned in earnest to...

Colorful carnival funhouse entrance.

WUTK’s Popular Show The Funhouse Airing on Knoxville Community Media

July 14, 2024

WUTK’s Popular Show ‘The Funhouse’ Airing on Knoxville Community Media Knoxville – the city renowned for its vibrant music scene and rich southern culture, is witnessing an exciting development in...

"City committee rezoning land"

Committee Rezones Land for Developers’ Plans for Bower Field Park in Knoxville

July 13, 2024

Committee Rezones Land for Developers’ Plans for Bower Field Park City: Knoxville The owners of the land that houses Bower Field Park in south Knox County have received the initial...


Tech privacy innovation concept

San Francisco Tech World Spearheads Advancements in User Data Protection and Internet Privacy

July 19, 2024

Technological Advancements in User Data Protection In the dynamic city of San Francisco, a significant matter has been stirring the interest of the tech-world – the advancements in techniques of...

Futuristic cityscape with drones.

San Jose’s Accelerated Technological Advancements Revolutionize Business Operations and Daily Life

July 19, 2024

Accelerated Technological Advancements Reshaping Lives in San Jose San Jose, the heartland of the U.S. Silicon Valley, is once again leading the world with unprecedented technological advancements. The city is...

Smart city technology service.

San Francisco Launches Data-Driven Services for Enhanced City Experiences

July 19, 2024

San Francisco Rolls Out Innovative Data-Driven Services San Francisco, the pulsating heart of technology and innovation, is setting the pace yet again, initiating data-driven services to improve the quality of...

"Digital security concept background"

Google Reinforces Its Cybersecurity Measures with Advanced Data Usage Tactics and Privacy Control Options

July 18, 2024

Unveiling Google’s Advanced Cybersecurity Measures Introduction Here in the bustling city of Mountain View, California, home to Google’s headquarters, an essential discussion on Google’s robust security measures and data usage...

Digital privacy innovations concept.

Google Pioneers New Standards for User Data Privacy, Reimagining Data Protection and Personalized Digital Experiences

July 18, 2024

Revolutionizing User Data Privacy: Google’s Approach As data privacy continues to take center stage in today’s technology-dependent society, Google is leading the way in defining new standards for user data...

Data privacy concept art.

Google Introduces New User Privacy Policies to Improve User Experience and Increase Data Transparency

July 18, 2024

Technology Giant Google Unveils Latest User Privacy Policies In a fresh initiative undertaken by Google, the world-renowned technology giant, the company revealed its updated set of user privacy policies. The...

"Data privacy concept illustration"

Unveiling Google’s Information Management: A Dive into its Usage of Data and Privacy Policies

July 17, 2024

Understanding the Power of Data: A Look at Google’s Information Management In Mountain View, California, lies the headquarters of a tech giant many of us consider an essential part of...

Data policy impact visualization.

Understanding Google’s Changing Data Use Policy and Its Impact on User Experience

July 17, 2024

Google’s Evolving Data Use Policy: What It Means for Users As the world’s leading search engine, Google is constantly evolving in an aim to provide users with more relevant and...

Vaccine debate discussion aftermath.

Deleted Video of Trump and RFK Jr.’s Vaccine Skepticism Dialog Sparks Public Outcry and Health Concerns

July 17, 2024

Trump and RFK Jr. engage in dialogue over vaccine skepticism in a video that has since been removed In a recently surfaced video that has been deleted, former President Donald...

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