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Base Co-Working Space Set to Open on Broadway in Knoxville

Modern co-working space concept.

Base Co-Working Space to Open on Broadway in Knoxville

Business partners and husband/wife team Juliana Terra and Zhenya Fomin are set to open Base Co-Working Space at 828 North Broadway in Knoxville. The duo, co-owners of Urbano Construction and Properties Group, transformed the building with a vibrant multi-colored facade that now lights up the Broadway area. The space will cater to small businesses and provide a supportive co-working environment outside traditional corporate office buildings.

A Vision for Urban Development

Juliana, an architect from Brazil, and Zhenya, originally from Russia, have a passion for sustainable urban redevelopment. They aim to strengthen the urban fabric of the city by revitalizing buildings and infill spaces. Their company, Urbano, focuses on projects that promote vibrancy, sustainability, and community engagement.

Supporting Small Businesses

Urbano’s development approach integrates real estate acquisition, architectural design, construction, and property management. The team is dedicated to helping small businesses thrive by providing them with space, design, financing, and ongoing support. By offering assistance to entrepreneurs like Shay Gregory, owner of Partial Coffee and Wine, Urbano strives to create environments where businesses can flourish.

Collaborative Workspaces and Amenities

Base Co-Working Space will feature a mix of private and shared work areas, conference rooms, and common spaces spread over 5,000 square feet. The facility will offer memberships for access to high-speed internet, printer services, and conference rooms. Co-workers will have priority access to short-term rental spaces for visiting clients. The space will host social events and foster connections among the creative community.

Further Expansion and Community Growth

With successful projects like Lilou and Hotel Cleo under their belt, Juliana and Zhenya plan to continue their urban renewal efforts in Knoxville. Their commitment to sustainability, community-building, and vibrant urban spaces sets them apart as advocates for responsible development.

Base Co-Working Space Set to Open on Broadway in Knoxville

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