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Expertise and Empathy at The Barnett Firm

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Expertise and Empathy at The Barnett Firm

In Knoxville, top attorney Ben Barnett shines as a beacon of expertise and empathy, specializing in Family Law. Recognized as a Top Attorney in Adoption, Family Law/Divorce/Child Support, and Juvenile Defense, Barnett and his team at The Barnett Firm devote their time and efforts to fulfill their clients’ needs. They are well aware that clients usually seek their help during challenging times—such as adoption processes, divorce, or custody disputes—and the complex legal system can be overwhelming for them.

Helping Clients Through Legal Challenges

The Barnett Firm was founded in 2008 with the core principle of providing high-quality legal counsel with empathy and understanding. Firm founder, Ben Barnett, is keenly aware of the emotional challenges clients face. As a father, he instills honesty, empathy, and expertise in his firm, knowing that significant work often takes place outside the courtroom when providing much-needed support to clients. A lifelong resident of Knoxville, Barnett’s motivation to help others comes from the legacy left by his parents, emphasizing the importance of positively impacting individuals and the community.

Solving Disputes Through Mediation

The Barnett Firm highly values the resolution of disputes through mediation, aiming to help clients envision a promising future rather than staying caught in past disagreements. Barnett and his team step into these complicated situations with the goal of finding resolutions that all parties can accept.

Team Approach for Optimal Outcomes

Along with Barnett, the legal firm comprises experienced associate attorneys Jason W. Hansard and Dianne E. Lashmit. They employ a team-based strategy to guarantee the best outcomes for their clients. The firm’s expertise involves strategic planning by anticipating and countering opposing counsel’s arguments, having negotiated with many area attorneys. Their extensive experience assists in creating strategies that cater to each client’s unique situation.

Accolades in Recognition of Dedication and Expertise

The dedication and expertise of The Barnett Firm have been recognized by multiple awards, including being listed annually since 2018 in Cityview’s Top Attorneys. They have also been named among Knox Stars Top Attorneys, received a “10 Best” acknowledgment from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and been included in the “10 Best Law Firms” by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys.

Expertise and Empathy at The Barnett Firm

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