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Significant Road Work to Cause Delays for Weeks on Old Knoxville Highway in Sevierville

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‘Significant’ Road Work to Cause Delays for Weeks on Old Knoxville Highway in Sevierville

Significant Road Work to Affect Traffic in Sevierville

Sevierville, Tennessee is bracing itself for severe traffic disturbances following the announcement of an imminent ‘significant’ road project set to take place on the Old Knoxville Highway. The project is set to cause several weeks of lane closures and a complete week of total closure, according to the Sevierville Police Department (SPD).

Project to Enhance Road Conditions

The Sevierville Department of Public Works will oversee the project, which involves an upgrade of the road infrastructure in the area. The objective is to enhance road conditions and for that purpose, the planned activities include reshaping ditches and storm drains, replacing existing ones, installing new storm drains, and carrying out necessary repairs to deteriorating road sections. The officials shared that these operations are essential to enhance the safety conditions and driving experience for road users and workers.

Schedule for the Project

The tentative schedule of the project involves different stages:

  • Work on ditches and storm drains, including single lane closures
  • Continuation of the initial week’s work, with the same hours for single lane closures
  • Full roadway closure (24-hour basis) for in-depth repairs
  • Completion of remaining works as necessary, with single lane closures

Traffic Disruptions Anticipated

During the periods of single-lane closures, traffic officials anticipate that vehicular movement will be maintained, albeit with expected delays, particularly during peak hours. Extreme caution is recommended to all road users, especially during the full 24-hour road closure schedule. During this phase, traffic will be completely barred from the affected road section until the end of that week’s operations. Road users will be required to identify alternate routes for their commute during this period.

Advisory to Motorists

City officials are urging drivers to practice the utmost caution and to stay prepared for changes in traffic patterns. They have also advised motorists to keep a keen eye on large equipment and workers present on the site. The SPD pointed out that if weather conditions remain suitable and barring any other unforeseen obstacles, the project is slated for a completion date.

With the intention of ensuring the safety and enhancing the driving experience for road users, this significant development warrants the patience and understanding of residents during the forthcoming traffic disruptions. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” – good things take time. In this case, smoother and safer roads.

Temporary Disruption for Permanent Improvement

Even though this project might cause inconvenience in the short term, it is necessary for the long-term safety and efficiency of the road network in the city.

Significant Road Work to Cause Delays for Weeks on Old Knoxville Highway in Sevierville

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