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Knoxville’s Thriving Food Scene: New Eats of 2024

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Knoxville: A Hotspot for New Eats in 2024

Even as we find ourselves only exiting the first half of 2024, Knoxville has already welcomed a plethora of new and exciting restaurants into their culinary landscape. From authentic southern barbecue to flavorful Korean cuisine, Knoxville’s blooming food scene has something to offer every foodie and diner. Let’s have a look at some of the noteworthy additions.

Humble Hog

A restaurant focusing on hospitality and high-quality food, Humble Hog, delivers a unique menu sourced primarily from local vendors. Their fried yam shavings and vegetarian-friendly BBQ tofu are highly recommended. The Humble Hog is located at 312 S. Gay Street, downtown Knoxville.

Patches BBQ

Patches BBQ & More opened their doors in January, boasting a classic menu of southern barbecue offerings. Try their smoked turkey sandwich topped with coleslaw or the pulled pork nachos. You can find them in East Knoxville and Strawberry Plains.

Aretha Frankenstein’s

Famous Chattanooga coffee and breakfast space, Aretha Frankenstein’s, has extended its unique dining experience to Knoxville. Known for their egg and cheese biscuits and creative waffle variants, it’s a breakfast lover’s dream. You can visit them at 3318 Chapman Highway, South Knoxville.

Celestina Kern

A recent addition to the West Knoxville food scene, Celestina Kern is a family-owned Mexican restaurant that opened in February, featuring authentic Mexican staples from family recipes. Find them at 1411 Bexhill Drive, West Knoxville.

Gogi Korean Kitchen

Offering a taste of traditional Korean cuisine, Gogi Korean Kitchen is a culinary gem. With a vast menu laden with a variety of flavours, Gogi assures a unique dining experience. It’s located at 7818 Montvue Center Way, West Hills.

Kraken’s Cup

The whimsically nautical-themed tea shop, Kraken’s Cup, opened at the beginning of the year. Situated at 4815 N Broadway St #107 downtown, their unique decor, relaxing atmosphere, and delicious assortment of teas and snacks are worth checking out.

Bistro by the Tracks in Bearden

This elegant dining spot, Bistro by the Tracks in Bearden, added a second location earlier this year. Renowned for their delicious food and sophisticated ambience, you can find them at 5448 Homberg Drive, Bearden.

Marble City Market’s New Eats

Finally, the Marble City Market in the historic Regas Square has added some new vendors to their diverse culinary lineup. The market is located at 333 W Depot Ave Suite 110, Knoxville.

Welcome these exciting new additions to Knoxville’s aggrandizing restaurant scene. Exploring these spots will not only satisfy your palette, but also keep you in sync with Knoxville’s rapidly growing food culture.

Knoxville's Thriving Food Scene: New Eats of 2024

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