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Lauren Boebert Likely to Face Close Combat with Trisha Calvarese in Colorado’s Congressional Race, Polls Show

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Lauren Boebert’s Chances High in Facing Trisha Calvarese in Colorado: Polls Indicate

Republican representative Lauren Boebert seems to hold a solid position for victory against Democrat candidate Trisha Calvarese in the forthcoming race to win a U.S. seat in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District. However, polling data hints that the race could be a close tie. Boebert, a staunch backer of the former President Donald Trump’s MAGA campaign, defeated her Republican contenders easily in the primary elections held last Tuesday.

As of now, Boebert serves as a congresswoman for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, still opted to grapple for the more heavily Republican 4th District towards the end of last year. Calvarese, previously a civil servant, witnessed a neck-to-neck victory over ex-U.S. Marine Ike McCorkle, another Democrat candidate, in the Democratic primary held Tuesday. Interestingly, Calvarese was the Democratic choice for Tuesday’s by-election to temporarily claim the seat left vacant by Congressman Ken Buck until November. However, she couldn’t make it and lost by more than 20 points to Republican Greg Lopez who isn’t vying for a full term.

Previous Results in Colorado’s 4th District

The previous results from the 4th District in Colorado inclines towards Boebert as the heavy frontrunner for November’s election, given her Republican affiliation. Trump scooped a significant 16-point margin over President Joe Biden during the Presidential elections in 2020, with the district having backed Trump by a 23-point margin in 2016. Buck, a Republican Congressman who had earlier this year stepped down after renouncing Trump’s unverified assertions regarding a “stolen” election in 2020, mustered a whopping 24-point victory over McCorkle in the midterm elections of 2022.

However, predictions derived from recent polls indicate that Republicans might experience a nail-biting competition in the upcoming general election having Boebert as their candidate. A survey conducted in March by the Colorado Polling Institute revealed Boebert as a highly unpopular figure among Colorado citizens. Approximately 62% of respondents expressed an “unfavorable” perception of the congresswoman, with a mere 22% indicating a “favorable” rating.

General Election Polling

While there has been limited polling for the general election, the available surveys presented so far suggest a tough challenge for Boebert. A recent internal poll executed by Keating Research on behalf of the Calvarese campaign revealed a 12-point lead for Boebert over Calvarese. Intriguingly, it was the Democrat who took a 9-point lead when the same set of participants were informed about “concerns about Boebert and positives for Calvarese.”

Furthermore, internal polling data gathered by Gravis Marketing on behalf of McCorkle’s campaign showed that McCorkle, the now-former Democratic nominee, had a considerable 14-point lead over Boebert by the end of the previous month. Following her triumph on Tuesday night, Calvarese spoke highly of herself as “a champion for working families” and articulated her confidence in defeating Boebert and her “dysfunction” in November.

Calvarese stated, “Our win tonight demonstrates that our District craves a representative who will stand up for working families, not Lauren Boebert’s dysfunction she has brought to Congress. Boebert moved here in hopes she could win in this district, but that was before I entered the race. It’s time we move forward and commence a new era for Colorado and our country.” She concluded, “Together, we are going to win this election come November to ensure that Lauren Boebert remains far away from power in our CD4.”

Lauren Boebert Likely to Face Close Combat with Trisha Calvarese in Colorado's Congressional Race, Polls Show

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