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Indulge in Parisian Charm at Knoxville’s French Restaurant Lilou

Parisian elegance in Knoxville.

Enjoy a Slice of Paris in Knoxville at the French Restaurant Lilou

If you’re in Knoxville and crave a taste of Paris, you don’t need to leave town. Lilou, a restaurant in the city, manages to recreate a Parisian sense through its ambiance, French cuisine, and a wide range of wines right at your doorstep.

Enter the Belle Epoque

Entering Lilou, you are confronted with distinct French quaint charm. The spot echoes a Parisian aura, complete with Belle Epoque decor and walls adorned with gilt-framed artwork. It successfully creates the illusion of being transported to a classic French restaurant and a different cultural era.

Authentic French Cuisine

The kitchen of Lilou is run by chef Benjamin Tilatti, a native of France who brings years of international culinary expertise to Knoxville. An element of his Basque heritage adds a unique twist to the authentic French cuisine he serves. Every dish carries distinct French roots and is accompanied by specially-prepared sauces, adding to the restaurant’s authentic, gourmet experience.

An Immersive Culinary Journey

Lilou’s food journey, starting from Huitres en Demi-Coquille to desserts like profiteroles and Crème Brulée, is truly an indulgent experience. Each dish is an artistic presentation combining ingredients that tantalize the senses. The gastronomic offerings at Lilou promise a memorable culinary excursion.

Matching Wines For Every Course

Lilou also boasts an extensive wine list, enabling patrons to have a full, French dining experience. Curated by Sommelier Brad Poyner, the list includes wines from 19 distinct French regions, ensuring that every course you choose can be paired with the most-suited wine.

A Variety of Cheeses to Savour

A ‘Plat de Trois Fromages’ is offered at Lilou, allowing customers to try a fine selection of cheeses served with house-made baguettes. Paired with a choice vintage from the Burgundy region, it enables patrons to enjoy an indulgent, palate-pleasing experience.

An Unforgettable Dining Experience

The summer menu at Lilou is a true celebration of French flavors, each plate offering a glimpse into the culinary culture of France. Each meal combines earthy charm with refined gourmet, ensuring a memorable dining experience. Lilou offers the chance to enjoy a Parisian evening without ever leaving Knoxville through its ambiance, food and the spirit of French culture. Bon Appétit!

Indulge in Parisian Charm at Knoxville's French Restaurant Lilou

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