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River Levels Reportedly Receding in Parts of Siouxland After Significant Flooding

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River Levels Declining in Some Areas of Siouxland, Officials Report

Sioux City, IA – Some areas of Siouxland are observing a decline in river levels, according to recent information from local officials. This follows a period of significant flooding that had resulted in numerous road closures and other challenges for the community.

Decrease in Water Levels

The Dakota County Emergency Management has indicated that the Missouri River crested at around 32.32 feet at approximately 3:15 a.m. on Tuesday. As of 7 a.m., it was reported that the river level had slightly decreased to 31.9 feet.

Similarly, the Big Sioux River has also shown signs of receding. Officials stated that the river had hit its peak at 44.86 feet on Monday. However, by Tuesday at 8 a.m., the level had dropped to 42.9 feet. It is expected that the decrease in water will slow down in the upcoming days but it is projected that the river will stabilize at around 6.2 feet by July 8.

Status in Other Counties

Cherokee County officials have also reported a decrease in river levels. Whilst this falling water level is positive news for the impacted communities, certain areas in the county continue to remain closed. Local teams are reportedly also working to get sewage systems back to normal.

According to data from the National Water Prediction Service (NWPS), the Big Sioux River at Sioux City is predicted to drop below Major Flood Stage between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. These projections are based on data gathered as of 8:19 a.m., and could potentially change as more information is collected.

Continued Flood Impacts

Despite these encouraging reports of reducing river levels, many communities are still grappling with the impact of recent flooding. Flood waters spilling over from the rivers in Siouxland have resulted in widespread flooding, affecting people and local infrastructure.

Local authorities are continuing to investigate and monitor the situation, warning residents to remain cautious and ready to respond to new updates regarding flooding and road conditions. As the effort to recover from the floods gets underway, citizens are urged to listen to information from local emergency services, while waiting for water levels to return to normal.

As always, the resilience of the Siouxland community remains strong in the face of adversity, with ongoing efforts being made to restore normalcy to the region.

River Levels Reportedly Receding in Parts of Siouxland After Significant Flooding

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