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Trump Surpasses Biden in Latest Poll with Unexpected Rise in Support from Black Voters

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Trump Edges Ahead of Biden in Latest Poll, Sees Surprising Surge of Support from Black Voters

As America gears up for the forthcoming presidential debate, a recent national poll has shown that former President Trump is beginning to pull ahead. Trump has secured a four-percentage-point lead over current President Biden, which predicts an exciting and dynamic debate.

Shifting Poll Numbers

If the presidential election were to take place today, 48% of the electorate say they would vote for Trump, with 44% stating they would support Biden, according to the latest poll. This is a noteworthy shift from a poll in April, which only saw Trump leading Biden by a single percentage point.

While both figures have their supporters, the poll also revealed a desire for fresh faces in both parties. Of those asked, 61% believed that there should be a different Democratic nominee, while Trump fared slightly better with 41% suggesting he should remain the Republican nominee.

Rising Black Voter Support for Trump

One of the most surprising findings from the poll was the increase in Trump’s support from Black likely voters. A notable 26% of Black likely voters stated they would back Trump in the 2024 election. This represents a significant shift from June 2020, when only 5% of Black registered voters supported Trump. While Biden still has a large majority of support from Black likely voters at 65%, Trump’s gains should not be overlooked.

A Matter of ‘Old Age’

Age has been an ongoing topic in the forthcoming presidential races. The poll sought to look into perceptions about the candidates’ ages and their ability to serve effectively. A combined 68% agreed Biden is too old, while 39% said the same for Trump.

Trump’s Hush-Money Conviction

Following Trump’s recent criminal conviction in a hush-money case, 11% of the electorate stated they were more likely to support Trump after the conviction, while 19% were less likely to support him. Interestingly, the majority, at 68%, claimed that Trump’s conviction had no effect on their voting preference. Further, 55% agreed that Trump should not face a prison sentence in the case.

Looking Forward

With the election day a little over four months away, the forthcoming debate offers both candidates a rare potential to reshape the trajectory of the race. This televised debate, the earliest in general election history, offers a platform for both candidates to put forth their policies, strategies, and visions for the future of the nation.

Trump and Biden have not shared a stage since their last debate before the 2020 presidential election. In an attempt to avoid the chaos of their previous faceoffs, the candidates have agreed to hold the debate without an audience and have accepted the rule that their microphones can be muted when it’s not their turn to speak.

As the countdown to the 2024 presidential election continues, the rising support for Trump, particularly among Black likely voters, indicates a competitive race ahead.

Trump Surpasses Biden in Latest Poll with Unexpected Rise in Support from Black Voters

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