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Rare White Buffalo, Considered Sacred by Native Americans, Missing Since Birth at Yellowstone National Park

Rare white buffalo grazing

Yellowstone National Park Officials Report Rare White Buffalo Missing Since Its Birth

Yellowstone National Park officials reported on Friday that a rare white buffalo, considered sacred among Native American communities, has not been seen since its birth on June 4. This event symbolizes a major milestone for both the buffalo recovery program and Native American prophecy fulfillment.

The birth of this white buffalo, which fulfilled a Lakota prophecy indicating better times, is the first of its kind ever recorded within the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park. Creating history, this occurrence was confirmed by park officials based on photo and sighting reports given by multiple park visitors, professional wildlife watchers, commercial guides, and researchers.

All About The White Buffalo

Rarity defines the white buffalo. In the wild, the birth of a white buffalo, or bison, is an event that transpires once in every million births, making this event an extraordinary occurrence indeed. The calf earned the name ‘Wakan Gli,’ rendering ‘Return Sacred’ in Lakota language. However, the whereabouts of this rare calf remain undetermined.

On an unfortunate note, the mortality rate is high among these spectacular creatures. Approximately one in five calves die soon after birth owing to natural hazards. Officials refrained from commenting directly on whether they believe Wakan Gli has died but cannot help acknowledging the grim reality of these statistics. Yet, no fresh sightings or evidence of its existence have been reported since June 4. Yellowstone National Park remains one of the last strongholds for free-roaming American bison, and the search for Wakan Gli continues within it.

A Sacred Ceremony

Earlier this week, Native American leaders conducted a ceremonial event, honoring the sacred birth of this white buffalo and christening it. For the Lakota, the birth of a white buffalo is not just a cause for celebration, but it bears the weight of prophecy, a call for the preservation of Earth and its animals on a grand scale.

The calf was born in the Lamar Valley – a popular spot for wildlife viewing in Yellowstone. Like many young creatures in the wild, this white buffalo calf faces the constant threats of predators, river currents, diseases, among other perils. The suspense surrounding this calf’s fate has led to growing concern as weeks have passed since its birth with no further sightings.

A Message of Hope

Mike Mease, co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign, maintains an optimistic outlook as he believes Wakan Gli continues to survive somewhere within the park, away from the bustling roads and pathways crowded with visitors. His belief is also fueled by the recent sighting of a grizzly bear with an unusually large brood of five cubs, later to vanish without a trace as well.

For Mease, whether Wakan Gli is dead or alive is far less important when compared to the profound message its birth brings. Fulfillment of the prophecy signals changes in the times we live in, and echoes a powerful message – a call for urgent action to bring about the necessary changes for safeguarding our future.

Rare White Buffalo, Considered Sacred by Native Americans, Missing Since Birth at Yellowstone National Park

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